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In your twenties, it feels like you should have your life figured out. Yet, some of us haven’t even found our ‘go-too look’. From what I’ve seen on social media, thousands of people our age are in the same boat, yet still feel the pressure to fall into one style category.

From the images above, you can see I’m not one to settle on a particular style. In just two years, I’ve changed my makeup, hair and fashion trends countless times – I haven’t found my ‘look.’ So what?

No one should have to fall into a style category, we should be able to change up our look on a daily basis. Sticking to one style 24/7 (for me, personally) would be so boring. Don’t feel ashamed or unfulfilled just because you can’t be categorised. Your twenties are when you should be experimenting! Never settle because of social pressure, dress how you want to.

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