Like me, I bet a lot of you face gymtimidation. It sucks and, for those of us who are anxiety prone, lone gym trips can be a nightmare. However, I have a few tips for you that will make the process a little easier.


Remember why you’re here. Whether it’s to lose weight, bulk up or just a healthy habit – whatever your goal is, focus on it. If you spend less time worrying what other people think and more focusing on your end result, the fact that you are alone should feel a little less daunting. Your determination will keep your eyes on the prize, not other gym goers.


No one cares what you’re doing in the gym. No one is there to laugh at you, to bully you or intimidate you. Everyone at the gym is focusing on their own workouts, not yours. Unless you start somersaulting through the air or setting fire to gym equipment, no one will even glance your way. Once you start working out, you’ll become oblivious to the people around you (and then realise they’ve been oblivious to you this whole time too).


Music is an absolute lifesaver when it comes to gymming by yourself. If I forgot my headphones one day, there’s a pretty high chance I wouldn’t even go in. When you have your earphones in and a good playlist on, you feel like a badass. It makes it so much easier to forget there are other people around you.

Well, I’m no expert – just an anxious, gym lover. A year a go the thought of setting foot in a gym without a friend would panic me to the core, now I love it! I hope these tips can help some of you too.


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20 thoughts on “Getting Over The Fear Of Gymming Alone

  1. It’s been a few years since going back to the gym. What can I say, kids! I’ve decided I was going to start this week and this was exactly what I need to hear before getting started!


  2. Totally feel you with this! When I first started I was concerned about “what if they’re looking at me? What if I look silly/doing it different?”
    Now I just try and stay focussed on what I’m doing, keep my headphones handy (forgot them once – horrendous!!) and zone out and concentrate on me.
    You’ve made some great points and should be proud of applying them! X


    1. I used to think I was the only one that felt this way so it’s great knowing pretty much everybody is self-conscious at the gym, it’s such a natural thing and so easy to get over once you put your mind to it x!

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      1. It’s funny because everyone thinks they’re alone then as soon as you say something you hear about so many feeling the same! Great to put it out especially on a platform like this and encourage people x


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