Watch me go from this…to this…in just FIVE minutes!

It’s no secret that getting exciting, fresh instagram content has been ridiculously hard in lockdown.

If you’re anything like me, you’re stuck at home (or even your parents house) without a single instagrammable location in site. I mean, look at my before photo… No one wants to see the box from yet another online shop, or the exercise bike that was long forgotten about back in lockdown 1.

People like us, who don’t live in pure white houses without a rug out of place, need to make the most of what we’ve got.

That’s where editing apps come in handy!

In just five minutes, you can completely transform your photos – and here’s how I did it.

Facetune 2 is my absolute favourite app to edit with! The background feature is a lifesaver. Just upload your photo, click background and WHAM, job done.

Okay, almost done.

I like to zoom in on the subject (me) first, ensuring every nook and cranny is filled in.

(It would be pretty embarrassing to upload your selfie without noticing you forget to edit the bin bags out, right?!)

Anyway, once that’s done, you’re free to upload if you’re happy with the final product.

But I like to take it a step further.

Say hello to Picsart…

Now you need to upload your edited picture from Facetune straight onto Picsart.

Here, I like to select the sticker tool – there are thousands that you can use for free. For this image in particular, I searched ‘line face’ as I knew that was the Pinteresty sort of vibe I wanted to give off.

All you need to do now is resize the sticker to cover your entire photo, and remove the bits you don’t want covering you.

Yep, it really is that easy!

The final step – upload that photo!

2 thoughts on “How I Edit My Instagram Pics

  1. Omg! This is insane! I didn’t even realise the second one was edited – I thought you had just found a funky looking wall in town! And the editing doesn’t even look hard either, finally something my amateur photography skills could attempt 😀


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